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Company Name: Hussain Textile

HUSSAIN TEXTILE has been one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of Flannel Bath Blankets, Flannel Baby Blankets, Thermal Blankets , Flannel Bed Sets and Bedding products in Pakistan, specialized in delivering to Importers, Wholesalers, Laundry, Hotels & Hospitals for the last 2 decades. We have experience in exporting to different countries including the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. We take pride in our customer’s satisfaction and also the positive feedback received for all our exports. We believe in delivering the absolute best when it comes to the quality of our products and never compromise with the timings and schedules of the shipments. We derive our quality from our commitment and reliance on the latest technologies and above all from the continuous investment in the training of our valuable human resources. Throughout the years, we have built a reputation matched by few others in the industry. Our excellence in products and service is acknowledged by our clientele. We cautiously make sure that our entire fabric manufacturing process is being performed by officially compliance-certified divisions.

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  • Flannel 3 Ply Diaper (Unraised)


    Flannel 3 Ply Diaper (Unraised)
  • Jacquard Knitted Fitted Sheet


    Jacquard Knitted Fitted Sheet
  • Snag Free W Weave Thermal Blanket


    Snag Free W Weave Thermal Blanket
  • Flannel Printed Stripe Diaper


    Flannel Printed Stripe Diaper
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  • Thermal Blanket


    Thermal Blanket
  • Healthcare


  • Knit Sheets


    Knit Sheets
  • Knitted Jersey


    Knitted Jersey
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  • WInding- Cone Winder Machine


    WInding- Cone Winder Machine
  • Weaving


  • Shuttleless Dobby Looms


    Shuttleless Dobby Looms
  • Stitching Setup- Button Sew


    Stitching Setup- Button Sew
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  • ISO 1828 bureau veritas


    ISO 1828 bureau veritas


Contact Information

Name: Hussain Moosani

Address: F/54 D-2 S.I.T.E KARACHI


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