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Towel Manufacturers Association of Pakistan

South Office List of Members 2024-25

M/s. 2nd Skin Garment Industries
M/s. A. Essak & Sons
M/s. A.A Enterprises
M/s. A.K.Brothers
M/s. A.R. Textile
M/s. A.Z Textiles
M/s. AA Enterprises
M/s. Adnan Apparel
M/s. Afroze Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Akkar International
M/s. Al Asif Textile Industries
M/s. Al Falah Textiles
M/s. Al Habib Industries
M/s. Al Mumtaz Textile Industries
M/s. Al Raheem Weving
M/s. Al Rahim Textile Industries
M/s. Al-Haseeb Textiles
M/s. Ali Tex International
M/s. Al-Karam Towel Industries (Pvt) Ltd
M/s. Al-Karam Textile
M/s. Alpine Contex
M/s. Anwartex Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.
M/s. ANY Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. A-One Textile Towel Industries
M/s. Aqil Textile Industries
M/s. Arif Towels
M/s. Artistic Towel Mills
M/s. Awesome Textile Industries
M/s. Ayoob Textile Mills Limited
M/s. Azam Textiles
M/s. Azhari Trading Inc.
M/s. Bari Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd
M/s. Basheer Industries
M/s. Best Towel Industries
M/s. Bilal Textile
M/s. Bismillah Towel Industries
M/s. Boom Tex
M/s. Castle Industries
M/s. Chawla Tex Industries.
M/s. Cotton Empire (Pvt) Ltd
M/s. Dagha Textiles (Pvt) Ltd
M/s. Dedhi Brothers
M/s. Delta Textile Mills
M/s. Diwan Towel
M/s. F.B.Industries
M/s. F.K.R. Manufacturers & Exporters
M/s. Farah Towel Factory
M/s. Fashion Art International
M/s. Fatex Home Textile Exporters
M/s. Fatima Towel Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.
M/s. Fatima Weaving Mills (Pvt) Ltd
M/s. Fazal Sardar Textile Mills
M/s. Feroze 1888 Mills Ltd.
M/s. Fine Towel
M/s. FKN Textiles
M/s. Friends Cotton Products
M/s. Friends Export (Pvt.) Limited.
M/s. G A & Sons
M/s. Ghazali Textile Industries
M/s. Goldline Textile & Towels
M/s. Gujrat Dyeing
M/s. Habib Sugar Mills Limited (Textile Division)
M/s. Haji Rafiuddin Waliuddin
M/s. Hammad Textile
M/s. Hamsons Industries
M/s. Hamza Sultan Textile
M/s. Hamza Textiles
M/s. Harmain Textile
M/s. Hasham Towel
M/s. Hassan Textiles
M/s. Hayat Trading and Industrial Int. Ent. (PVt) Ltd
M/s. Hira Textiles
M/s. Hometex
M/s. Hussain Textiles
M/s. Iantex Industries
M/s. Ikram & Co
M/s. Imperial Textiles
M/s. Imperial Towel Industries(Pvt)Ltd.
M/s. Imran Textiles
M/s. Imran Weaving
M/s. Induxtex
M/s. Inter Asia Textiles
M/s. International Textile Ind.
M/s. International Textiles Limited
M/s. J.B Traders
M/s. J.Sons Industries
M/s. Jafco Industries
M/s. Jawwad Industries
M/s. Kabir Sons Enterprisees
M/s. Khaksar International
M/s. Khursheed Textile
M/s. KN Terry Tex
M/s. Lakhany Silk Mills (Pvt) Limited
M/s. Latif Sons (AOP)
M/s. Latif Sons (Propreitor)
M/s. Latif Textile Mills (Private) Limited
M/s. Limra Textile
M/s. Maltex Exports
M/s. M Yahya M Yousuf Bari
M/s. M. Y Bari Mills (Pvt) Ltd
M/s. M.A. Textiles
M/s. M.K. International
M/s. Machtrade Corporation
M/s. Maguari Textile
M/s. Mehtabi Towel Mills (Pvt) Limited
M/s. Miangul Industries
M/s. Millenium Textiles
M/s. Mirtex International Company
M/s. Moin Sons
M/s. M-Tex International
M/s. Muhammad Yousuf Iqbal Ahmed
M/s. N.Sons Textile Industry
M/s. Nakshbandi Textile Mills (Private) Limited
M/s. Nasim Textile Industries
M/s. Naz Textiles (Pvt) Limited
M/s. Nazeer Dyeing & Bleaching
M/s. New Zeenat Textile Mills
M/s. Noorpur Industries
M/s. Pak Terry Mills (Pvt). Limited
M/s. Pak Textile Industries
M/s. Pak Towels Industries
M/s. Planet Textile Industries
M/s. Patel Towel Industries
M/s. Paul Textile & Towel Industries
M/s. Pearl Fabrics Company
M/s. Polani Textiles
M/s. Poshcraft International
M/s. Premier Towels
M/s. R.I. Weaving
M/s. R.Q.M Textile
M/s. Ranyal Textiles
M/s. Regal Textile Industries (Pvt) Limited
M/s. Rizwan International (Pvt) Ltd
M/s. Rowaski Mills
M/s. Royal Textile
M/s. S.A.F Towels (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. S.S Textile Industries
M/s. Sabir Textile Weaving Factory
M/s. Sadaf Brother Industries
M/s. Sadiq & Siddique Co.
M/s. Sajid Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd
M/s. Saleem Textile
M/s. Saltex
M/s. Santex Industries
M/s. Saya Weaving Mills (Pvt) Limited
M/s. Shaheen Industries
M/s. Shaheen Textile
M/s. Shahi Textiles
M/s. Shaikh Brothers
M/s. Shehzad Enterprises
M/s. Shiwani Textile
M/s. Siddiq Sons Limited
M/s. Silver Textile Factory
M/s. Sohail Weaving Industries
M/s. Sultex Industries
M/s. Swan Textiles
M/s. Sylvana Pakistan
M/s. Tee Zee Textile
M/s. Teepu Industries
M/s. Terry Tex International
M/s. Terry World Textile
M/s. Tex World Bath Fashion
M/s. Textile Channel
M/s. Texnit Sourcing Escellence
M/s. Textile Farm
M/s. Three Star Textile
M/s. Towellers Limited
M/s. Tulip Towel Industries (Pvt) Ltd
M/s. Umar Draz Textile Factory
M/s. Umar Textiles
M/s. Union Textile Industries
M/s. United Towel Exporters (Pvt) Ltd
M/s. Utopia Industries (Private) Limited
M/s. Utopia Sourcing
M/s. Weavers International
M/s. Zeba Textile Mills
M/s. Zeba Textiles
M/s. Zenith Textile
M/s. Zulifiqar Weaving &Towel

North Office List of Members 2024-25

M/s. Al Farooq Enterprises
M/s. Fair Traders
M/s. Hala Enterprises Ltd
M/s. HBR Textile Industries
M/s. Haroon Corporation
M/s. House Tex Pakistan
M/s. Knots International (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Lal Industries
M/s. Qureshi Towelers
M/s. Rustam Towel (Pvt) Ltd
M/s. Rustam Weaving Factory
M/s. Saad Textile Mills (Pvt)Ltd
M/s. Sabri Textiles
M/s. Sadiq Towel (Pvt) Ltd
M/s. Saif Tex
M/s. Teejay Corporation (Pvt)Ltd
M/s. Zephyr Textiles Ltd
Sama Textile Private Limited